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A video of a man jumping off his motorcycle to save a baby rolling down a steep road in a walker taken on September 14 has gone viral online and is earning the ‘hero’ praise internationally.

According to news reports, the clip was taken in the Rincon de la Estrella neighbourhood of the city of Florencia in Colombia.

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In the widely shared clip, the man is seen riding his motorcycle when he notices the toddler rolling down a steep slope at high speed while still secured to his or her walker.

Closed-circuit television (CCTV) footage shows the motorcyclist stopping his bike in the middle of the road, throwing his bag away and running to catch the baby.

Seconds after he managed to stop the speeding walker and saved the toddler, a woman is seen running towards the two and the man hands her the baby. The biker is then seen holding the walker and helping the woman as the clip ends.

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On Twitter, one of the posts of the video has garnered over 1.7 million views. Social media users appreciated the man’s quick thinking skills and called him a ‘hero’.

Tweep @Bramsraja wrote: “He didn't care about his bike. He didn't care about his bag. He even didn't care about whether the vehicles are coming in [from the] other end or not. He just cares about the baby. To save the baby. Massive. Great heart.”

Twitter user @whitecrescent posted: “Great presence of mind. Most of us would have taken some time to know what's happening.”

According to a news website, the baby was not hurt in the incident.