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Dubai: A joyous wedding celebration in the Egyptian village of Al Ghannam, in Kafr El Sheikh governorate, has turned into an unexpected tragedy. 
A young doctor, Dr. Mahmoud Mohammed Ghannam, passed away unexpectedly while participating in the festivities. His wedding had been scheduled for the same day.

During the henna ceremony, as Dr. Mahmoud stood with his family to receive guests as part of the traditional celebrations, a sudden and unexpected incident occurred. He collapsed to the ground, leaving the assembled guests in shock. It was initially assumed that he had merely fainted, prompting an immediate call for an ambulance.

Dr. Mahmoud was swiftly transferred to a private hospital in Kafr El Sheikh Governorate, in a bid to save his life. Despite efforts of medical professionals, his passing was confirmed, shrouding what should have been a day of celebration in profound grief.

A close relative of the groom expressed disbelief at the sudden loss. Dr. Mahmoud had shown no signs of illness or distress in the days leading up to the wedding celebration, making this tragedy all the more unexpected and heart-wrenching.

After the completion of necessary legal procedures, the funeral for Dr. Mahmoud Mohammed Ghannam was held yesterday in his hometown, the village of Al Ghannam.