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Dubai: A man was arrested by Jordanian security forces for killing a 22-year-old pregnant woman in Zarqa city, local media reported.

The plumber hit the 8-month pregnant woman on her head with a hammer and stabbed her several times, police spokesperson Lt. Col. Amer Al Sartawi said. The murder took place on Sunday.

The Criminal Court prosecutor on Wednesday charged the plumber with "premeditated murder and causing the abortion of an unborn child”, a senior judicial source told local media.

“The suspect confessed to murdering the woman over old feuds,” the senior judicial source said without further elaboration.

The victim was reportedly struck with the hammer and stabbed repeatedly by the suspect at his shop. A special task-force raided the shop after neighbours complained of a foul odour that was coming from his shop.

“The task-force, which included investigators and a forensic specialist, found the body stuffed in a garbage bag,” Al Sartawi said.

The victim’s family and her husband had reported her missing on Sunday. In his initial testimony to investigators, the suspect confessed to killing the woman with a sharp tool and stabbing her several times.

He told interrogators that he put the victim’s body in the garbage bag and poured kerosene as he was planning to burn the body but he was arrested before disposing the body because neighbours complained about the odd odour that was emanating from the suspect’s shop.

A team of government pathologists determined that the woman, who received 22 stab wounds and had her skull crushed with a hammer, had been dead for around 48 hours, a senior medical source said.

The cause of death was a single stab wound to the heart, which caused internal bleeding, according to the senior medical source.

“Investigations are ongoing and the prosecution’s office summoned family members and relatives of both the suspect and the victim to learn more about the circumstances surrounding the incident,” the senior judicial source said.