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Kuwaiti authorities have arrested an Egyptian expat for murdering his Kuwaiti sponsor. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Cairo: Kuwaiti authorities have arrested an Egyptian expatriate suspected of murdering his Kuwaiti sponsor.

The suspect, whose name was not given, admitted to having knifed to death his sponsor in a dispute with the victim over renewing his residency permit, according to Kuwaiti newspaper Al Anba.

A forensic examination of the corpse showed he had received seven stabs in different parts of the body, the paper quoted a security source as saying.

Hiding in a house

Police investigations showed that the murderer is an Egyptian worker employed at a company owned by the 51-year-old victim.

He was arrested hiding in a house of a friend and confessed to the murder attributing it to a dispute with the sponsor. He said he had inflicted several stabs on the sponsor in his residence before fleeing.

The self-confessed killer also guided police to the “tool of the crime”, the source said. He will be referred to public prosecution for further questioning.