A Lebanese soldier stands speaks to a man injured during a fuel tank explosion in Akkar in a hospital in Beirut. Image Credit: REUTERS

Cairo: The Kuwaiti Red Crescent Society has announced contributing to expenses of medical treatment for people injured in a fuel tank explosion this week in Lebanon.

At least 28 people were killed and 79 injured in the explosion that took place in the region of Akkar in north Lebanon on Sunday.

Twelve of the injured in the blast, mostly in critical condition, were transferred to the Geitaoui hospital in Lebanon where the Kuwaiti Red Crescent Society has pledged support.

“The hospital had to expand the burns department to take in the new cases, a matter that has raised the need to buy medical supplies at a high cost amid hard economic circumstances,” the hospital manager Dr Pierre Yard told Kuwaiti news agency KUNA.

He added that treating critical cases can take up to two months.

Lebanon is experiencing its worst economic crisis in decades, taking a toll on availability of essentials including medicines.

Last year, a massive explosion hit the Beirut port, destroying chunks of the city killing more than 200, people, injuring thousands and displacing 300,000 others.

“The Kuwaiti Red Crescent also supported the hospital after the explosion at the Beirut port in August last year,” he added.

Head of the Kuwaiti Red Crescent team in Lebanon Musaid Al Enazi said the aid group had made this humanitarian gesture in view of high treatment costs and the tough economic and health situation in Lebanon.

“The Society, which is undertaking various humanitarian activities in Lebanon targeting the Lebanese as well as Syrians and Palestinians living there, does not hesitate to make quick humanitarian responses in emergencies,” Al Enazi added.

The Kuwaiti Red Crescent Society has launched the initiative in coordination with the Kuwaiti embassy in Lebanon and the Lebanese Red Cross, he said.