Amman: A Jordanian man was charged on Thursday with premeditated murder after he allegedly killed his wife for chatting online with another man six months after they got married, police said.

"The suspect strangled his 37-year-old wife, smashed her head with a hammer and threw her body in a deserted area on the road to (Amman) airport after a fight two days ago," a police spokesman told AFP.

"He tried to burn her corpse but failed. He claimed that he killed the woman over her alleged bad behaviour and because she was in touch with another man by chatting on the Internet."

The 30-year-old unemployed man faces the death penalty.

"After the crime, the suspect told his father-in-law that she had disappeared and the two men went police to report that she was missing," said the spokesman.

"But police suspected him of killing the woman and later he confessed."
In September last year, the US-based Human Rights Watch urged Jordan to reform its penal code, which it says condones the murder of women as "honour crimes."