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Abu Dhabi: An Egyptian anaesthesiologist has been found guilty on charges of poisoning his partner after performing a series of exorcisms in England.

Hossam Metwally, 61, performed a dangerous ritual under the pretext of “Sharia spells” on Kelly Wilson at the couple’s home in Grimpsey.

Sheffield court in central England heard the woman had suffered failure in several of her vital organs due to the injection of narcotics.

The jury found Metwally guilty of eight counts, including injecting the victim with a harmful substance and one count of fraud.

During the eight-week trial, the court learned that Metwally, an NHS anaesthetist and recurring pain therapist, had believed Wilson to be “haunted by spirits and jinn”.

The accused believed that his partner was possessed by spirits, according to what he told the court, and that he should get rid of the spirits by reciting the Holy Quran and anointing her skin with holy water and oil.

The jury learned that he performed 250 rituals on her, and made a number of recordings, over a four-year period, starting in 2016.

Excerpts were shown to the jury from 300 recorded clips in which Metwally was heard chanting “In the name of Allah, God is Greatest” while injecting Wilson with some fluids.

In one of the clips, Metwally appears to have tied Wilson with a black tie, and appeared to be talking to a fairy, asking Wilson if she had felt it.

The jurors heard the testimony of an Islamic cleric who said that the legal ruqyah is known and used, but without the use of anaesthesia.

Ruqyah is dua’a (prayers) or recitation of specific Quranic verses or saheeh hadith (sayings of the Prophet) which are known for seeking refuge in Allah.

More specifically these ayat are said to be a source of healing - from ailments and sickness, for protection from the evil eye and exorcism of Jinns, or from sihr (black magic or witch-craft).

Metwally was arrested after Wilson fell into a coma on July 4, 2019, as she was on the verge of having an angina and required hospitalisation that evening.

Police found a large quantity of narcotics in the suspect’s home, including ketamine, propofol and fentanyl.

Judge Jeremy Richardson said he had never come across a case this strange.

“It is shocking that a doctor stands in the dock on such serious charges,” Judge Richardson told Metwally , who was working in a hospital affiliated to the Department of Health.

He added that the accused is now considered a “serious criminal”.

Metwally had completed his medical studies in Egypt and then moved to work in Saudi Arabia before travelling to Britain and practicing there.

He met the 33-year-old Wilson, who was a trained nurse, in 2015. She worked in his private practice and then moved in with him.

Metwally will be sentenced on September 20.