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Abu Dhabi: An Egyptian woman claimed she was kidnapped and tried to trick her family into paying a ransom to free her, local media reported.

The married woman reportedly came up with the scheme to escape her troubled marriage with her lover.She sent her family a video clip showing her tied to a chair in an apartment, noting that the kidnappers demanded a ransom of 500,000 Egyptian pounds.

Through deceptions and threats, the woman and her lover tried to coerce her sister, currently working in Saudi Arabia, to pay a quick ransom before the police uncovered the scheme.

The woman’s sister got a phone call and heard her sister screaming for help.

And then a gruff sounding man got on the phone and said: “We have your sister. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time. We are holding her hostage. You need to pay a ransom and you need to do it now or we are going to hurt her.”

According to a security source, the Dakahlia police received a report from 44-year-old farmer Ahmed, a resident of the village of Yadawi, in the Mansoura district, saying his 35-year-old wife had been missing since July 9.

He added she disappeared while she was on her way to help a relative prepare the marital apartment, but she did not reach her relative, or return home.

Investigations confirmed the woman’s sister received messages on WhatsApp, containing video clips of her as she was tied to a plastic chair, the source said.

Investigations revealed the woman had an affair with a man, whom she met on her return from Alexandria.

Due to a deteriorating relationship with her husband, the woman planned to escape with her lover, and they agreed to live in an apartment in May 15th City, police said.

On raiding the apartment, the police arrested the woman and her lover, who were moved to the prosecution pending trial, police said.