Egyptian university student Naira Ashraf in an undated photo. Image Credit: Facebook

Cairo: Family of an Egyptian female student, slain by her male colleague for rejecting his marriage offer, have said they will now accept condolences after a court sentenced the killer to death in a high-profile case.

The victim, named Naira Ashraf, was knifed to death by her classmate outside the state Mansoura University, north of Cairo, on June 20, triggering outrage in the country.

On Wednesday, a criminal court in the Delta city of Mansoura sentenced the young man to death on charges of premediated murder after approval from Egypt’s leading Islamic official, the Mufti, a legal procedure in death verdicts in the country.

The ruling, which still can be appealed, was applauded by Naira’s family.

Her father said he would receive condolences for his daughter in a mosque annex in his hometown Al Mahla Thursday evening.

He had earlier refused to accept condolences until a court verdict is handed down to the killer.

“My daughter’s right has been regained thanks to Allah,” he said after the court issued the ruling Wednesday.

“Now we can regain our composure and accept condolences,” the grief-stricken man added.

Under Egyptian law, the convict has 60 days to appeal against the verdict from the day it was delivered.

The murder of Naira, a sociology student at Mansoura University, has grabbed massive media attention in Egypt and beyond