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The four defendants were charged with forging e-documents, using them to sell units in a fake project and illegally obtaining cash from customers. Image Credit: Agency

Cairo: An Egyptian criminal court had convicted young couple of throwing their baby, born out of wedlock, into the Nile and sentenced each to one year in prison, according to local media.

The convicts were engaged to each other when they had the baby that they tossed into the river in Cairo late last year, reports said.

The couple disposed of the newborn for fear of public disgrace after they conceived it out of wedlock and found it hard to financially support the baby.

A witness told the court that he was fishing in the Nile when he saw a baby corpse floating. He reported the incident to police. When the body was recovered, it was found decomposed, Al Watan newspaper said.

Investigations revealed that a girl under 18 had given birth to the baby girl days earlier and that she and her fiancé, who is the child’s father, decided to dump her to avoid a scandal.

Extramarital sex is forbidden and conceiving out of wedlock is illegal in Egypt.