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Abu Dhabi: An eight-month-old girl was killed in a fight between her mum and her lover in Sharqiya, more than 100km north of Cairo, police said.

Acting on a tip-off, the police moved to conduct the necessary investigations and examinations, and it was found that a quarrel occurred between the girl’s mother, 26, a housewife, and an unemployed man, 24, with whom she had an affair.

It turned out that the mother is married and her husband is in jailin connection with an offence, and she had an affair with her husband’s friend.

The man went to her house after she started avoiding him and an argument broke out between them, following which the accused attacked the woman and her daughter, who was in her arms.

The girl reportedly suffered a concussion and was rushed to a nearby hospital, where she succumbed to her head injuries, police said.

Locals alerted the police, who reached the spot and conducted inquiry with the accused.

During interrogation, the mother initially claimed that the girl was sleeping on the bed and suddenly fell to the ground. “Then she started crying continuously and having tried to calm her down, the baby calmed down for a while, then she started screaming and crying again,” the mom told the police.

Later, it turned out that the mother’s allegations were false. The girl was injured as a result of the beating.

However, it was not clear as to why the man attacked the girl. A murder case was registered, and the suspect was moved to the public prosecution pending trial, police said.