181208 farmer egypt
A farmer in a village in northern Egypt’s Nile Delta. Picture used for representational purposes only. Image Credit: AFP

Cairo: Three Egyptian cooks died after they had inhaled steam while asleep in a poorly ventilated room in a Delta province north of Cairo, security sources said.

The three, including a woman, were rushed to a hospital in the northern province of Sharqia after they had suffered suffocation, they added. They died later in the hospital.

Police investigations revealed that the three were recruited to cook food to be handed out on the occasion of opening a new village mosque, but they fell asleep leaving behind boiling water for food preparations on gas cookers inside the same place.

Afterwards, they suffered asphyxiation caused by thick vapour rising from the water in a windowless room where they had dozed off apparently due to exhaustion.

The dead were two men aged 37 and 45 years and a 52-year-old woman. Local prosecutors permitted their burial after autopsies were conducted to determine the cause of death.