Dubai The Syrian opposition called on the Arab League to take action against Bashar Al Assad's regime as Syrian forces continued killing in spite of accepting the peace proposal to solve the eight-month crisis.

Haitham Al Maleh, 80, a rights activist and former judge, told Gulf News yesterday that the regime, which approved the three-point proposal of withdrawing the military from the streets, releasing prisoners and starting dialogue with the opposition under the League's umbrella has failed to ensure its basic commitment to stop the killing immediately. Opposition sources said forces loyal to Al Assad's regime have killed at least 25 civilian protesters in the restive central city of Homs.

Al Maleh, who is on a Gulf tour to convince GCC governments to take action to protect civilians in Syria, said "the regime cannot stop killing as this would mean the end of the regime".

Dr Najeeb Al Gadban, a US-based Syrian opposition figure and member of the Syrian National Council in exile, told Gulf News that the approval of the Arab League proposal by the regime was just an attempt to buy more time.

He said: "The League fell in the trap set by Al Assad who is using his manoeuvring skills to stay in power for as long as possible."

But, Al Maleh exuded confidence that whatever action the regime takes, the victory of the Syrians will come soon.

In Syria, some demonstrators celebrated the Arab League initiative, but residents and activists said troops remained in cities and security operations continued, especially in Homs.

In the Damascus suburb of Harasta, at least 120 protesters were arrested overnight after celebrating the Arab League deal, a resident said.

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