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Dubai: In what can only be described as an act of unprecedented courage and determination, a Saudi woman has reported 44 members of her own family for their involvement in extensive drug trafficking and money laundering operations.

The woman divulged the harrowing details of her journey during a live broadcast with the famous Certified Addiction Counselor Dr. Sami Al Hammoud.

The woman recounted her exhausting struggle against her family’s criminal activities. Despite facing numerous attempts to discredit her testimony and even threats to her life, she persisted in her mission to bring the perpetrators to justice.

“On a Thursday, I was supposed to be killed, but God saved me,” she said, emphasising her determination not to succumb to the enormous pressure she has been under.

The brave whistleblower detailed that the criminal network involved high-ranking family members engaged in smuggling operations, including the trade of a staggering 5 tonnes of hashish, weaponry, and laundering of huge amount of money, painting a grim picture of the depth of the family’s criminal enterprise.

“I was the only one in the family who struggled and tried until all my strength ran out,” she admitted, revealing that the case has now attracted the attention of the regional Emir.

Throughout her crusade, the woman faced severe personal sacrifices, including having to separate from her son for three months for his safety. “I sent him to his father and told him to remain honest until either my life is taken or I find assistance in this matter,” she explained.

Despite the immense toll on her wellbeing, with 44 arrests already made, the woman stands resilient, refusing to back down. Her battle, however, is far from over as she mentioned the powerful connections her family holds, which they have used to attempt to imprison her and invalidate her testimonies. In a plea for justice and protection, she has reached out to Crown Prince Mohammad bin Salman, anticipating further assistance in her case.

In response to her disclosures, Dr. Sami Al Hammoud offered words of support and encouragement, assuring her safety and urging her to continue cooperating with the competent authorities.

“By Allah, you are safe. Know how to protect yourself, and I swear by Allah that no one can do you harm, especially since you knew how to protect yourself and cooperate with the competent authority,” Dr. Al Hammoud said, recognising the magnitude of the issue at hand and the courage it took for the woman to step forward.