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Mohammad Alasheger receives his wife's degree at the graduation ceremony.

Cairo: A Saudi legal expert has attended a ceremony awarding his late wife an MA degree just days after her death.

The husband, Mohammad Alasheger, said his wife had long dreamed of obtaining the MA degree and diligently studied for it.

“My wife started studying hard for the degree during the COVID-19 epidemic,” he told Al Arabiya TV.

The woman later presented her thesis and obtained the degree while she was ill, added Alasheger who did not specify the disease or her age.

“I broke the news of her obtaining the MA while she was on the death bed. She smiled in response,” he recalled.

Alasheger said that despite his physical and psychological exhaustion, he was keen to attend the graduation ceremony.

“She was everything to me,” he said.

Alasheger also tweeted that his presence at the ceremony was meant to keep his wife’s name eternal and in appreciation of her and her academic brilliance

“She was a byword for diligence and determination. She was a wonderful mother, a good wife, and a sincere teacher,” he added.