Riyadh: Mohammad Al Oufi, the surrendered field commander of Al Qaida in the Arabian Peninsula, has disclosed about the plots and plans prepared by intelligence agencies of some foreign countries to strike the Kingdom's oil installations.

"These intelligence agents are led by the so called Mujahideen," Saudi Arabia's Television 1 reported, quoting the confessions of Al Oufi, who is under detention. Al Oufi indicated that these secret agents belong to two countries, without specifying their names.

At the same time, Al Oufi admitted about the relations of Al Qaida of Arabian Peninsula with the Iranian intelligence agents and Al Houthi rebels in Yemen. "They are engaged in supporting Al Qaida with money and weapons needed to carry out terror attacks," he alleged.

Al Oufi, who was lured to rejoin Al Qaida in Yemen, said that Al Qaida was planning to approve a new strategy to carry out terror attacks in the Kingdom. "The plan was to constitute secret cells to have a close surveillance of vital targets in various regions of the Kingdom and then report to Al Qaida commanders in Yemen. Then, the terror cells will carry out the terror plans to strike them and then sneak back into Yemen. It will be very difficult for the Saudi security forces to arrest them," he disclosed.

Referring to the involvement of Iranian intelligence, he said, "I feel that there is a bogus department handling with these elements ... there seems to be external political interventions that influenced the members of Al Qaida in Yemen."

Al Oufi was one of two former Saudi detainees at Guantanamo, the US military prison in Cuba, who resurfaced in Yemen. Al Oufi was released from Guantanamo in November 2007 and was handed over to the Saudi authorities. He underwent a Saudi government programme to rehabilitate former Guantanamo detainees and other extremists.

After returning to normal life as a result of the rehabilitation programme, he again fell into the trap of Al Qaida terrorists. Together with Saeed Al Shihri, who was also released from Guantanamo, Al Oufi sneaked into Yemen and joined Al Qaida. Saeed Ali Al Shihri was now leading the Yemeni branch of Osama bin Laden's terror network.

Al Oufi attributed his surrender to a dream in which he was admonished by Prophet Mohammad (PBUH) to abandon terrorism. He also spoke about another dream in which the second Caliph Omar bin Khattab was seen beating him and asking to eschew the deviant ideology.

Referring to his surrender, Al Oufi said, "When I decided to return to Saudi Arabia and surrender secretly, I took some 250 Al Qaida members, who were under my commandership, to a secret destination, and told them to remain there until I come back after surveying some other mountains, which could be much safe for them.

"Then I left them and took three days' trek to reach a destination. When I reached there safely, I contacted my brother Majed on mobile and asked him to inform Prince Mohammad bin Naif, Assistant Minister of Interior, about his intention to surrender.

"Then, I continued my trek for another three days to reach the rendezvous with brother Majed on Saudi border. Together with Majed I reached the border town of Sharoura and surrendered to the security officials."