stock road cones
Photo for illustration purpose. Image Credit: Shutterstock

Dubai: Saudi Arabia has warned the public against putting up cones or barriers in public streets in front of their residential buildings.

According to Okaz newspaper, SR3000 fine will be slapped on those who put up cones or barriers in front of their residential buildings.

Mohammad Al Baqami, spokesman of Jeddah mayoralty, told Okaz that house owners have no right to close the area adjacent to their buildings to prevent parking, as the use of the street is a public right, not within the limits of their ownership.

According to Al Baqami, those who violate this rule shall be subject to the penalties listed in Article 3/39 of the municipal infractions and penalties table. “The article states that SR3000 in fine will be imposed on any violation of the regulations of roads and streets for which no specific penalty was prescribed. Apart from payment of fine, the violation has to be rectified by removing the barriers that have been set up,” he added.