Heart-related problems
Illustrative image. Image Credit: Seyyed de Llata/Gulf News

Cairo: Doctors at a Saudi state-run hospital rescued a woman in her 70s after her heart had temporarily stopped.

The woman, who suffers from renal failure, was rushed Saturday to the emergency department at the hospital in Al Khurmah governorate, part of the Mecca region after experiencing the heart disorder at home, the online newspaper Sabq said.

Immediately, the emergency doctors embarked on performing for her intense cardiopulmonary resuscitation, a lifesaving technique.

As her heart started to beat again, she was placed on a ventilator while she was injected for blood circulation activating until her condition stabilised, the report.

The patient also underwent an emergency haemodialysis under constant medical observation, the hospital said.

The woman, who is in a stable condition, was later transferred to the King Abdulaziz Hospital in the western city of Taif to continue treatment.