Demolition work is under way in Jeddah's 26 undeveloped districts as part of the city's major redevelopment. Social media reports said that some residential districts in Medina will also be removed as part of new development projects there. Image Credit: AFP file

Cairo: Authorities in Saudi Arabia’s holy city of Medina have denied social media reports that some residential districts will be removed as part of new development projects there.

“There is no truthfulness in these rumours at all,” the Medina municipality said. “New development projects are announced via the official platforms of all government in Medina,” they added on Twitter.

In mid-August, the city’s authorities approved 17 new housing schemes envisaged on a total of 2.2 million square metres.

The plans provide a total of 2,932 residential pieces, 16 schools, 21 public gardens, 23 mosques and a set of public utilities.

Medina, home to the Prophet Mohammed’s Mosque, is a main destination for pilgrims going to Saudi Arabia.