Photo for illustrative purposes only Image Credit: Pixabay

Abu Dhabi: A Saudi man filed a lawsuit with a Jeddah court against a woman for defaulting on installments for a mobile phone, that she says he gifted to her, local media reported.

As there was no payment contract, nor witnesses, the court’s presiding judge ordered the two parties take the oath.

They both did so, insisting on their conflicting versions, so the court dismissed the case, for several reasons, most notably the existence of a working relationship between the litigants.

The woman told the court the man gifted her the phone as he had an affair with her daughter and proposed to marry her.

The man insisted he did not gift the SR8,000 mobile, but instead he sold it to her on SR600 monthly installments, which she failed to pay off and prompted him to take legal action.

Asked why he did not sign an installment plan, the man told the judge he planned to do so but forgot.

For lack of evidence, the court ordered both litigants to take oath, but they both insisted on their statements.

The court deemed signing no contract negligence on the part of the man, who has to lose his claimed money as a result.

The court dismissed the case.