A Saudi man suspected of killing four members of his family, including two sisters, confessed to the horrific crimes, local media reported.

Quoting an official source at the Public Prosecution, the suspect told prosecutors that he killed his two sisters and two female and male cousins on Wednesday in Al Qunfudah governorate in the Mecca region.

He told interrogators that a dispute erupted between his family and his cousin’s family two months ago.

The suspect committed the crimes after his arrival at his sisters’ house following a heated brawl. He was carrying a machine gun. The suspect shot two of his sisters, aged 40 and 42.

He also killed his 58-year-old female cousin who was at the house with his sisters.

The grisly murders were committed in front of the 10-year-old daughter of one of the victims, who managed to escape. She sustained minor injuries following the barrage of gunshots.

Prior to killing his sisters and cousin, the suspect went to a school in Ahad Bani Zaid district, where his male cousin worked. The 53-year-old victim tried to hide and locked himself in a room. However, the suspect inserted the barrel of the gun at the bottom of the door and continued shooting until his cousin was dead.

The Public Prosecution ordered autopsies of the bodies, seized the weapons used in the crime, and took samples from the crime scenes prior to preparing the crime report to ensure the suspect gets the severest penalty.