A speeding car. Image Credit: Ahmed Kutty/Gulf News archive

Abu Dhabi: A Saudi amphetamine addict bit the neck of his crying newborn and threw him out of the speeding car he was driving on a Mecca highway, a Saudi toxicologist said.

The shocked mum, who was carrying her baby in her lap and travelling in the passenger seat, threw herself into the road in a desperate attempt to rescue her baby.

Instead, a speeding car ran over the distraught mum, who was decapitated in a horrific accident, and the baby was crushed to death, the expert said.

Meanwhile, the speeding drug abuser continued his way indifferently and sped through a police checkpoint. He was eventually stopped after a dramatic chase on Mecca highways. Asked about the blood on his dashboard, he told the police he killed a genie. However, it turned out that he overdosed on drugs and swallowed 20 amphetamine pills.

The horrific drug abuse drama was told by Majdi Jamal Al Lail, a forensic toxicologist who uses his expert knowledge to detect which chemicals, if any, played a role in the death or behavior of a subject.

The expert said amphetamine abuse has become a major challenge facing the people of our nation, which is facing a war, especially from smugglers of illegal drugs.

“We hear from time to time about the seizure of millions of these pills, in attempts to smuggle them into the Kingdom,” he added, accusing the Lebanese Hezbollah of it involvement in the crime.

Jamal Al Lail explained that these amphetamine pills, used to be made in Bulgaria and Serbia, were now produced in Syria, where millions of amphetamine pills are made.

He added that the terrorist organisation Daesh is a major producer of illegal drugs to finance it operations.

The expert pointed out that after Saudi Arabia cut trade relations with Lebanon, the shipments that used to be smuggled into the Kingdom from Lebanon are now being sent to Nigeria and other countries on its route to the Kingdom, with the aim of ruining its youths.

He continued: “You can imagine what happened to this person who was supposed to be an effective member of society, but has become a burden on it and an appalling role model.”