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Abu Dhabi: More than 19,000 violators of residency and labour laws, including those who crossed the border illegally, were arrested in Saudi Arabia from July 1 to 7, a report released by the Interior Ministry on Sunday said.

The report said 7,811 expatriates had violated residency laws and 991 labour laws, while 10,221 violated the border security system.

It added some 325 people were apprehended, while attempting to infiltrate into the Kingdom through its southern borders; 49 per cent were Yemenis, 46 per cent Ethiopians, and the remaining 5 per cent were from various other nationalities.

It said 47 people were caught attempting to leave the Kingdom illegally.

The report said two people were arrested and charged with providing accommodation and transport to a number of illegal expatriates.

It added said 59,316 expatriates, consisting of 51,396 men and 7,920 women were remanded in custody.

The campaign said 41,253 violators were referred to their embassies and consulates to issue them travel documents, while 2,711 were completing their bookings for outbound flights. Meanwhile, some 22,560 violators were deported.

The previous week saw the arrest of some 20,000 violators of residency, labour and border security laws.

Over 5.6 million violators of residency and labour laws as well as border security system were arrested in Saudi Arabia since November 2017, of whom nearly 1.6 million were deported to their home countries, a report released by the Interior Ministry said last month.