Saudi road
Saudi road Image Credit: Supplied

Abu Dhabi: Twenty-seven motorists have been jailed for between two weeks and two months after they were found guilty of skidding, reckless driving, causing tie-ups and traffic jams and endagering lives of other road users, police said.

The convicts, some of them with criminal records, appeared in a video posted on social media as they were skidding and driving recklessly in Al Naseem neighbourhood in Riyadh, police said.

They were arrested and stood urgent trial, police said.

Riyadh Police advised motorists to drive carefully and share the road with others.

Drivers were also urged to remain calm — not to let their temper or frustration levels cause them to act recklessly.

“Drive courteously and share the road safely with other motorists, pedestrians, large vehicles, motorcycles and bikes,” police advised.