Saudis stand in front of a streetside billboard displaying a painting by Majid Al Mufrih during a showcase of Saudi art on December 22, 2014 on Tahlia street in the Saudi capital Riyadh. Image Credit: AFP

Cairo: Directives have been issued to different Saudi ministries and government agencies to limit their art acquisitions to Saudi creative works, Al Madina newspaper reported Saturday.

Those works will have to comply with guidebooks compiled by the Culture Ministry that will be updated on newly acquired pieces by governmental institutions, the report.

Several state sectors in Saudi Arabia display inside their premises foreign artistic products as a kind of decorations or to improve the working environment, Al Madina said.

According to the recently issued directives, gifts presented by governmental agencies to foreign guests should be souvenirs of a symbolic value about Saudi Arabia and traditional locally made products.

Gifts offered to visitors to Saudi Arabia under hospitality protocols are often imports, the paper noted.