Riyadh: Saudi authorities have unveiled a dress code as part of regulations on public conduct that went into effect on Saturday.

The code bans wearing “inappropriate” attires in public including underpants, night garments or clothes that outrage public morality, carry racial emblems, or promote depravity and drugs, the Interior Ministry said in a statement.

The new regulations also ban unlicensed pasting and distribution of commercial adverts, intimidating acts in public, leap-frogging queues unless in designated exemption cases, and using harmful lights in public areas.

Other prohibited patterns of behaviour include taking photos of others or traffic accidents without permission, unlicensed writing or painting on public transport or walls as well as phrases or images inciting racism, immorality or drugs and alcohol use.

Moreover, the code outlaws immoral acts, loud music in residential areas, playing music at the prayer times, disposing of garbage at non-designated sites, and the use of seats and utilities allocated for the elderly and people with special needs.

The offences are punishable by a fine ranging from 50 to 3,000 riyals, depending on the type of infringement.

According to the rules, officially called the “Public Decorum Code”, police have the authority to detect the listed violations and levy the fines. Offenders will also have to pay the cost of repairing the damage resulting from their infringements, according to the ministry.

People, accused of violating the rules, can appeal at an ad-hoc circuit at the kingdom’s administrative courts.