The customer was seen aggressively throwing the bucket at the delivery driver’s face. Image Credit: YouTube

Dubai: A Qatari man has been arrested after a viral video showed him physically attacking and abusing a delivery driver in what appeared to be an unprovoked atincidenttack, local media reported.

The driver, believed to be working for a food delivery company, was hit on the head with a plastic bucket by the assailant as his companion stood aside and did little to stop him.

The driver was filmed walking away though the assailant continued to follow him. Verbal remarks were exchanged when a female security guard stood between the delivery man and the customer, attempting to de-escalate the situation.

The customer was seen aggressively throwing the bucket at the delivery driver’s face once more.

The video, which has gone viral on social media in Qatar, promoted the Ministry of Interior to take action.

In a statement published on social media, the ministry said the attaker had been arrested.

“With reference to a video clip circulating on social media, which shows a young man assaulting a delivery service worker at a complex, the assailant was arrested on time, and legal measures are being taken against him,” said the ministry.

Wishbox, the delivery driver’s employer, also released a statement saying they support their employee. “A video involving a Wishbox delivery partner was widely circulated on social media yesterday. We thank the Ministry of Interior for taking swift action. Wishbox shall support the delivery partner via respective channels for legal measures as long as the delivery partner was abiding by the laws and regulations of the State of Qatar,” said the company.