Oman is to use schools, stadiums and exhibition halls as COVID-19 vaccination centres. Image Credit: AP

Muscat: Oman’s Minister of Health Dr. Ahmed Al Saeedi said during the first meeting of the ministerial team for Coronavirus Immunisation that schools, stadiums and exhibition halls will be used as vaccination centres as Oman enters the next phase of immunisation within a couple of weeks from now.

Dr. Saeedi, a member of the team, also informed that those above 45 can register for the vaccination now.

4.3 million doses of Pfizer-BioNTech have already been reserved through global alliance apart from 1.5 million doses from various other global companies.

June will see the arrival of one million doses of COVID-19 vaccine from Pfizer and another 100,000 from other pharma collaborations. Plans have been drawn on the distribution of these vaccines to the various governorates in Oman. “Distribution will be based on the density of the population of the regions, with focus on the target group (over 45),” he said.

First shots

The current target group for vaccination of above 60 has almost reached completion with over 95 per cent having received their shots. Dr. Saeedi however regretted that not all in that target group got inoculated and called for those who did not, to visit the health centres without delay.

While 90 per cent of health care workers in the Ministry of Health and government institutions got their first shots, those in the private sector will get their turn in the coming phase, in June.

Mobile vaccination campaigns will also be put in place as part of the continuous vaccination plan that will ensure vaccination of more than 70 per cent of Oman’s population by year end.