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Muscat: With several regions in Oman getting rainfall over the last couple of weeks, temperatures have come down in many parts of Oman, when the neighbouring Gulf states are experiencing high temperatures of over 40 degrees Celsius.

The Dhofar governorate with the annual monsoon season in full swing has been recording a salubrious temperature in the mid-twenties combined with drizzle most of the time during the day.

The southern Dhofar region apart, the high ranges of surrounding Hajar mountain ranges — Jabal Akhdar, Jabal Shams, and the nearby base towns such as Nizwa and others in the Dakhliya region — are also now cooler than before due to the showers. These rainfalls have sumptuously cooled down the temperatures of the elevated towns and villages and given rise to rain-fed waterfalls that gush down the barren mountains and into the valleys and wadis in the villages.

Several towns and villages in these regions have shown markedly low temperatures because of the sudden showers.

The mountain resorts located in these areas are in great demand during the summer due to the cooler climes when the rest of the country faces scorching heat. The MET weather alerts indicate the possibility of scattered rain over the Hajar Mountains and neighbouring areas during the afternoon, and the possibility of low clouds and fog. The coasts of Sea of Oman and Arabian Sea will have active night winds. The sea will be rough on the coasts of the Arabian Sea, with a maximum height of four meters, and calm waves on the rest of the coasts of the Sultanate.