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Dubai: A Kuwaiti young man was arrested for smoking and dancing during the day in public in Ramadan while other Muslims are fasting, the Ministry of Interior reported.

A video of the man smoking and dancing in front of his car has gone viral on social media, prompting anger in the Muslim country.

Acting on the video, the ministry launched investigation and arrested the man, who appeared to be in a disturbed state.

According Kuwaiti law, it is not allowed for Muslims to eat or drink in public during Ramadan. “Anyone who publicly breaks the fast during the day in Ramadan, and whoever compels, incites, or helps to do so publicly shall be punished with a fine not exceeding 100 Kuwaiti dinars ($330) and imprisonment for a period not exceeding one month, or one of these two," according to the statute.

According to article No. 206 of the law, there shall be imprisonment not exceeding six months and/or a fine not exceeding 50 dinars for those consuming drugs in a public place or in any place where anyone can see him/her. The same penalty shall be imposed on whoever is found in a state of drunkenness.