Kuwait City: The Kuwaiti Interior Ministry has requested the Ministry of Trade to stop licencing new delivery firms before new rules are set for the booming business in the country, a Kuwaiti newspaper reported.

Al Qabas, citing what it called relevant sources, said the Interior Ministry believes the delivery business in the country has become chaotic and is in need of new regulations, especially for the food delivery service.

The Interior Ministry is responsible for finally approving the issuance of such commercial activities in Kuwait, a country of around 4.5 million people with a large expatriate community.

“For its part, the Ministry of Trade will not refuse to accept applications for setting up new delivery firms, but completing the related procedures depends on approval from the Interior Ministry,” one source said.

The temporary suspension of licencing new delivery businesses comes in response to several trends the Interior Ministry is seeking to curb, Al Qabas quoted “well-informed” sources as saying. The sources disclosed that some delivery firms lured house drivers with higher salaries to unlawfully work for them, causing financial harm to their original employers, who are Kuwaiti families.

Some irregular workers could also take advantage of their jobs as delivery boys to commit “immoral” acts and deliver contraband items, the sources added. There has been no comment from Kuwaiti authorities.

There are no official figures about the size of the delivery market in Kuwait, but it is believed to have expanded in recent years.