Image for illustrative purposes only. Image Credit: Pixabay

Cairo: Kuwaiti police had arrested an expatriate accused of seizing around KD1.5 million ($4.9 million) from a dead European priest, taking advantage of a power of attorney from the victim before his death, a local newspaper has reported.

The case came to Kuwaiti authorities’ attention after a complaint from heirs of the cleric who was a frequent visitor to Kuwait, according to Al Rai newspaper. They checked if he had bank accounts in Kuwait.

Investigations in Kuwait showed that the priest had opened a bank account in Kuwait which he last visited around 18 months ago and died six months later. Investigations also proved that nearly KD1.5 million had been withdrawn from the man’s account around a year ago, i.e. after his death.

The withdrawer was found to be an Arab resident in Kuwait to whom the priest had issued a power of attorney to handle his financial affairs in the country.

Investigations also uncovered that the suspect had gradually withdrawn the priest’s money to avoid raising suspicions, according to the paper. He had allegedly seized a total of KD1.5 million, leaving behind KD200,000 in the account, it added.

Police tracked down the suspect who has led a luxurious life and owned bank assets over the past year. Arrested, the suspect admitted to having seized the money from the priest’s account after his death, forgetting about his heirs’ issue.

Prosecutors ordered the suspect be remanded pending further interrogations.