Since the outbreak of the pandemic, 250 expat teachers have quit their posts in Kuwait. Picture for illustrative purposes only Image Credit: Stock photo

Abu Dhabi: About 250 expatriate teachers in the Ministry of Education have resigned since the outbreak of the coronavirus crisis, while locally contracting procedures are still stalled in the public education sector due to the uncertainty of the next academic year and the education system, Kuwait media reported.

The Ministry’s need for teachers rose to about 1,000 teachers for the next academic year, An educational source told Al Rai.


The source said the administrative sector sent requests to the public education sector to recruit teachers who meet the requirements, but it has not been notified of the response as yet.

By August 25 of each year, the administrative sector signs up with new teachers and gives them medical examination papers to complete formalities.

The academic year in Kuwait has officially ended as the Cabinet approved plans submitted by Education minister Saud Al Harbi, prompted by the COVID-19 pandemic.

The academic year in Kuwait runs from September to August.

The Ministry of Education has promoted all students in the country. Students who do not have degrees due to absence have the right to sit second-round exams. The next school year begins on October 4, and classes may resume online as a result of the pandemic.

Minister Al Harbi said Kuwait’s e-learning system will be ready to receive the 450,000 public school students for their first e-learning experience.