Manama. A Bahraini court has set September for starting the trial of a lawyer charged with embezzlement for defrauding a client out of compensation money, Bahraini newspaper Akhbar Al Khaleej reported on Wednesday.

The claimant earlier hired the lawyer in a case in which the former filed for compensation after he had been arbitrarily fired from a famous restaurant in Bahrain where he had worked as a manager.

The Labour Court later ruled in favour of the ex-manager and awarded him BHD 22,112 in compensation.

The lawyer, whose name was not released, allegedly used a power of attorney issued by the client, authorizing him to cash the compensation on his behalf, according to the report.

The claimant accused the lawyer of seizing the whole sum of money.

The prosecution charged the lawyer with embezzlement and referred him to the Junior Criminal Court, which scheduled the first hearing for September 11.