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Dubai: A Bahraini who refused to pay for his daughter’s education will now have to give her a monthly stipend of BD50 (around Dh 490) following a court order. The man is said to have stopped covering his daughter’s college fees and other expenses after divorcing her mother, local media reported.

The young girl moved the court to seek justice after realizing that she and her brother’s studies are in disarray. She said that her mother had to support her financially as her father had refused to pay her college tuition and other expenditures.

She said that her father had not given her any financial stability and was unconcerned about her future, upkeep, or higher education. The girl told the court that she and her brother were put in a terrible situation as a result of her father’s actions, with her mother finding it difficult to cover the bills due to growing financial obligations.

During the hearing, the girl’s lawyer told the Court that the defendant stopped paying for his daughter’s education after securing a divorce from her mother. “My client is studying at the university, and nobody is looking after her.”

His actions have hurt my client and jeopardized her ability to complete her education, the attorney told the court. The girl is still a university student, thus the court decided that she has a right for pocket money. According to her father’s monthly salary, the daughter should be given an allowance every month. The court decided that the man must provide his daughter BD50 per month.