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Cairo: A Bahraini court had sentenced a mother to 10 years in prison for physically abusing her children and she was stripped of keeping their custody, a local newspaper reported.

The ruling was issued by the Major Criminal Court after the woman and her boyfriend were found guilty of abusing her two children and causing a permanent disability to one of them, who is a baby, Akhbar Al Khaleej added.

The baby, who is barely one year old, was found to have suffered incurable loss of sight and breathing problems and bruises due to being exposed to attacks by the two defendants several times.

The woman’s other children, whose ages were not disclosed, also suffered physical abuses at the hands of the mother and her boyfriend, the court was told. A medical forensic report confirmed the abuses including torture wires, shoes and cigarette burns.

The court also handed down a seven-year-jail term to the friend.

The court said it had no motive for showing clemency to both defendants.

Another Sharia (Islamic law) court has ordered transferring the children’s custody from the convicted mother to their aunt who had earlier filed a custody suit accusing the mother of being negligent of and cruel to them after their father’s death.