Manama: Bahrain’s Justice Ministry has filed for the dissolution of the National Democratic Action Society, (Wa’ad), the largest leftist political society.

The ministry said its move was taken “in light of the society’s serious violations and lack of respect for the rule of law as well as its support for terrorism and its incitement towards violence through the glorification of individuals convicted in cases of terrorist acts that resulted in the death and injury of security officers.”

Wa’ad also supported parties that had been convicted for inciting violence and advocating for the forceful change of the political regime, the ministry said in a statement on Monday.

“The society’s persistent irregularities have marked in their entirety a full departure from the principles of legitimate political work under the principle of the freedom to form political associations or join any of them as national, popular and democratic formations working to organise citizens and to represent them within the framework of national unity, social peace and democracy, as specified by the Constitution and the National Action Charter,” the statement said.

The ministry said it would prioritise the “adjusting of the political path to move forward in the fight against terrorism, violence and extremism in all their forms, methods and manifestations and against their threats to the people’s security and lives and to the nation’s stability and achievements, particularly as Bahrain is targeted by acts of terrorism and subversion.”

“Maintaining security and continuing to promote development in all fields are the driving forces for all the loyal people in Bahrain who, each according to his or her capacity and regardless of their positions and religious sects, have stood faithfully in the face of extremist organisations and exclusionist schemes throughout our history and played their national role in building and developing the nation and serving their community without discrimination,” the ministry said.