Manama: A Bahraini court on Tuesday sentenced the first woman and the first Iranian under the state of national safety declared in March.

Fadhila Mubarak Ahmad was sentenced to four years on charges of assault on a public officer, incitement for hatred of the regime, participation in a rally with the intent to commit crimes and undermine public order.

According to the National Safety Court of First Instance, the defendant on March 27 was speeding as she approached a security checkpoint with the audio system of her diffusing anti-regime statements.

When arrested by the public security, the defendant reportedly held the shirt of one of them before pushing him. Investigations revealed that she took part in a rally at the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) Roundabout, the court said.

The roundabout, known popularly as the Pearl Roundabout, was the epicenter of protests and demonstrations during Bahrain's political turmoil in February and March.

The court, in another first, sentenced an Iranian national, Mohammad Qassim Ghuloom Hussain, to two years in prison followed by deportation for taking part in two rallies near the Safriya Palace and the GCC Roundabout.

The court also sentenced six defendants to terms between one and four years for their alleged roles in the unrest.

Three defendants were acquitted.

Verdicts by the lower court, under the state of national safety, are not final and can be appealed within two weeks.