London: A British teacher has designed a school chair that is physically impossible to tip backwards in the hopes of getting pupils to sit still, prevent dangerous accidents and give teachers a quieter life.

Tom Wates quit his teaching post in London to design the "Max" chair.

"The reason I went into it was because of the irritation of children leaning back," Tom Wates said.

"You would get into the flow of the lesson, the kid would fall off the chair, everyone would laugh and you would have to start again," the former maths and physical education instructor said.

The chair provides more support in the lower back, forcing children to sit up straight and its rear two legs are slightly splayed outwards, preventing any tilting.

The ergonomic chair costs just £15 (about Dh107), and before it has even been properly launched Wates' company has already received orders for 1,500 chairs from 18 schools.