Image Credit: Guinness World Records

If the daily grind is wearing you down and you worry you've been in the same job too long, spare a thought for 100-year-old Walter Orthmann, who's been at the same company a record-breaking 84 years.

Guinness World Records Ltd. announced that the Brazilian sales manager holds the official record for the "longest career in the same company" after verifying in January that he'd been with the same textile firm for more than eight decades.

The centenarian began working as a shipping assistant at Industrias Renaux SA, now named RenauxView, a year before the outbreak of World War Two, when he was just 15 years old. He was quickly promoted to a position in sales, an area where he remains to this day.

For a little context, the median number of years that US workers had been with their current employer in 2020 stood at 4.1, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

So what's the secret of Orthmann's exceptional career?

"I don't do much planning, nor care much about tomorrow. All I care about is that tomorrow will be another day in which I will wake up, get up, exercise and go to work," Guinness quoted him as saying.

"You need to get busy with the present, not the past or the future."