People 'walk' their fish, hens in Spain Image Credit: Twitter

As lockdowns continue in parts of the world, people are finding any excuse to leave their homes, even if it means taking their pet fish for a ‘walk’ like a man in Spain did.

The government in Spain has a strict ‘stay-at-home’ policy. However, people have been allowed to leave their homes to walk pets. Taking advantage of the ease in restrictions, there have been several incidents where people are taking unusual pets like their fish and hens for a ‘walk’ and the pictures and videos are being shared online.

A post shared by the Spanish National Police, @policia, has pictures of a man who was flagged for taking his fish for a walk, with the caption: “Officials of the @policia sanctioned a person for going out to ‘walk’ their fish on the street. Officials spotted him on Logrono carrying a fish tank […].” Soon after being posted, it went viral on social media.

Tweeps reacted to the post.

User @RafRatinam wrote: “One can only wonder what was going through the mind of the police officers at the time. #findingnemo”

Tweep @DumondVince posted: “Spain: Stay at home but you can take your pet for a walk. NOT a pet hen. A fish in a bowl. A toy dog. Very creative.”

This was not the only incident of a person in Spain trying to break lockdown rules by taking their unusual pet for a stroll.

Earlier this month, a man was spotted taking his hen for a walk.

Twitter account of civil guards in Spain, @guardiacivil, posted a clip with the caption: “Civil guards of #Lanzarote they denounce a person for failing to comply with the movement limitation measures imposed by the state of alarm while walking a hen.”