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Bluemina Citizenship & Residency is a government approved and licenced firm operating since 1997. We offer legal services and consultancy on citizenship and residence by investment programmes for top ranked countries in the world. With over 25 years of experience, 16 certified programmes, and a team of more than 100 expert advisers in 12 regional offices, Bluemina has helped thousands of investors, high-net-worth-individuals and wealthy families obtain dual citizenship from the Caribbean and European countries, as well as permanent residencies in Europe and other countries.

Our leading programmes have a number of benefits, such as enabling investors and individuals obtain an alternative lifetime citizenship without renouncing their current nationality, the right to travel freely or settle in a new country, access business opportunities, tax exemptions, enjoy certain privileges in the UK, Europe, Schengen area and other parts of the world, entry to first-class healthcare and education services, as well as attractive investment and processing plans.

Each programme offers a different type of investment plan. For example, an individual can choose to invest in a government approved investment fund or bonds in a local business or through real estate and property investment.

We rely on transparency, credibility and empathy with all our clients, keeping the client informed of all stages of the application development. Our unmatched quality of service and client-centric approach allows us to be recognised as a market leader in the region, and to establish a strong presence in the industry, as well as a 100 per cent success rate.

In an ever-changing and unsteady world, obtaining an alternative citizenship or permanent residency is now a necessity and an investment for the future. This lifetime investment will secure the future of your children and grandchildren, while enjoying the many benefits a legal second passport and citizenship can offer.