A Pakistani youngster shows metal pieces collected from wheat field outside a house, seen background, where Al Qaida leader Osama Bin Laden lived in Abbottabad, Pakistan, on Tuesday, May 3, 2011. Local residents showed off small parts of what appeared to be a US helicopter that Washington said malfunctioned and was disabled by the American commando strike team as they retreated, while Pakistan's leader on Tuesday denied suggestions that his country's security forces had sheltered Osama Bin Laden. Image Credit: AP

Both Hitler and #Osama were declared dead on May 1st. Must be a famous killer!

Adobe Photoshop killed #osama in that picture.



I don’t get why people would request a fair trial for #Osama. A trial only applies if there’s need to prove one’s innocence.

So who got the $25 million bounty? #osama This changes everything.

To those affected by 9/11 #OBL’s death is meaningful in every way. Here’s hoping, too, that his death brings some peace to the AfPak region.

#Osama is dead! Americans are celebrating too soon I believe. Al Qaeda is a machine. #Osama is just a number in it.
Saudi Arabia

There was one Osama bin Laden, now there will be 100 bin Ladens!! #Osama #OBL

@GNReaders Can’t help but feel people have missed the point. Was it #Bono who said ‘Let’s not become a monster in order to defeat a monster’

#Obama did in a little over two years what #Bush couldn’t do from 2001 to 2009. Nuff said. #US #USpolitics #Osama #BinLaden

10 years, 2 wars, 919,967 deaths, and $1,188,263,000,000 later, they’re celebrating the death of one person. #OBL #Osama

Osama’s last tweet: “Hey, this ‘add your location thing’ is pretty cool!” #Osama

‘I’ve never wished a man dead, but I have read some obituaries with great pleasure.’ - Mark Twain #osama


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