Bangkok: A Thai court on Wednesday said it would rule on a complaint to dissolve an upstart opposition party over alleged plots to overthrow the constitutional monarchy, a decision that could test the stability of the new government.

The accusations against the Future Forward Party link its upside-down triangle logo to the supposed symbol of the Illuminati, which many conspiracy theorists — without offering serious evidence — claim is a secret society pursuing world domination.

On January 21, judges of the Constitutional Court will rule on whether Future Forward, its frontman Thanathorn Juangroongruangkit and other party executives carried out “actions” against the constitutional monarchy, the court said in a statement. It did not provide any details about those actions.

Future Forward barged onto Thailand’s political scene ahead of the March elections with the charismatic billionaire Thanathorn, who delivered stinging critiques of the military junta, which seized power in 2014.

Young Thais responded at the ballot box, giving the party more than six million votes and nearly 80 seats in parliament, making it the third largest.

But legal complaints quickly piled up against Future Forward and Thanathorn was stripped of his MP status by the Constitutional Court last month.