Dr Arif Alvi and Shatrughan Sinha
Indian actor and politician Shatrughan Sinha meets Pakistan President Dr Arif Alvi in Lahore. Image Credit: Social media

Duai: Vetran Indian actor and politician Shatrughan Sinha met Pakistan Dr Arif Alvi at the Governor’s House in Lahore on Saturday.

The news which broke on twitter surprised many as the Congress leader Shartughan Sinha is visiting Lahore to attend a wedding. The tension between the neighbouring nuclear powers did not deter him from visiting Pakistan. During his visit, he was given security and official protocol. He was invited to the Governor’s House in Lahore to meet Pakistan President Alvi and other dignitaries.

President Alvi’s office also tweeted photos of the meeting.

Sinha expressed his happiness after his meeting with the President. In a series of tweets, Sinha said: “It was a pleasant surprise that we received an invite from the H.E. the President of Pakistan, Dr Arif Alvi, on the last day of our stay at Lahore ... that too just before the marriage reception of our family friend Asad Ehsan’s son Ahmed Asad.

“We were very touched by this gesture of the President of Pakistan and we reciprocated it with love, warmth, thanksgiving and an attitude of gratitude. I had attended the Honourable President’s son’s wedding a few years back in Karachi so I have known the family very well,” he tweeted.

Though Pakistan President Dr Alvi’s office tweeted that the issue of Kashmir was discussed and Sinha endorsed President’s point of view on human rights violations in Indian Administered Kashmir, Sinha was quick to respond and denied having any political discussion with the Pakistan President.

Sinha tweeted: “It was a great meeting of minds where the Honourable President’s wife also joined in. Great gesture indeed! Though the meeting lasted for quite some time, it was purely social, personal and purely a courtesy call to give profound regards. We discussed so many things on social and cultural issues but no politics was discussed. Nothing political or official about it. My friends, well-wishers and supporters and of course the media should realise that one shouldn’t discuss the politics or policies of countries on foreign soil when one isn’t competent, qualified & authorised by the Govt.”