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A case has been registered against a police official for allegedly raping a woman on September 21 at her home in the city of Gujranawala in Pakistan.

According to the victim’s father, Assistant sub-inspector of police (ASI) Mubashir was called to their home for an investigation into her complaint against a few men who were harassing her.

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Local media reported that the woman said that the men tried to assault her during an altercation. As a result, ASI Mubashir was appointed as the inquiry officer. The altercation took place on September 9 in the Bismillah Colony area. The woman was later rushed to a hospital for medical treatment.

However, when the police official was called to her home for further investigation, he allegedly raped her.

Local news outlets also reported that the victim has alleged that initially senior police officers worked to keep Mubashir’s name out of the case and the woman was pressured to change her statement against the cop.

However, now the woman has submitted a petition against the inquiry officer to the Chief Police Officer (CPO) of Gujranwala, Rai Babar, and he has directed officials to conduct an inquiry.

The incident has sparked outrage on social media, as netizens continue to advocate for women’s rights and safety in Pakistan.

Sharing a clip of the victim recalling the incident circulating on social media, Twitter user @broader_the wrote: “Are these our people who pledge to protect us?”

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Referring to a recent rape case in Pakistan, in which two men raped a woman at gunpoint while she was waiting for help on a motorway after her car stopped working in Punjab, user @maaaahammm tweeted: “Police officer named Mubashir sexually assaulted a woman during an inquiry in Gujranwala. This is so disturbing, just want (Capital City Police Officer) CCPO Lahore to tell us which route the lady should've taken?”

@maaaahammm was referring to CCPO Umar Sheikh’s comments during several television interviews about the incident in which he suggested that the woman should have taken another way to her destination amongst other remarks deemed problematic.