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Spyign device found at Imran Khan's residence in Islamabad. Image Credit: Supplied

Islamabad: Former prime minister Imran Khan’s party members alleged that one of Khan’s home staff was caught while installing a spy device in his bedroom.

PTI leader Shahbaz Gill said that it is “unfortunate” that one of the employees at Imran Khan’s Banigala residence was “paid to install the device in the bedroom.”

He added that “Our people are being threatened to get information. Such shameful acts should be avoided.”

In a media talk, Gill showed a small device that looked like a USB and said it was a mini spy audio recorder with a sensitive microphone. He said that the staffer was given Rs50,000 and was promised more money in return for information and for installing spying devices at Imran Khan’s residence.

The suspect had been working in the PTI chief’s residence for the last six years which is why he was paid to install the device in the bedroom, Gill told reporters. Gill also said that while Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) members insisted on the action, Imran Khan pardoned the staffer and decided not to take legal action as “he was a poor man” who was exploited by someone else for money. The suspect, who had his face covered during the media briefing, also thanked Imran Khan for pardoning him.

The man was allowed to go free with his family from Khan’s Banigala residence on Sunday. ARY reporter Abdul Qadir shared on Twitter that when the journalists dropped the young man at Imran Khan Chowk, the Islamabad police officials arrived and asked to hand over the man to them.

The police, however, claimed that a local TV reporter had handed over the person to the police. “The suspect could not be identified as he cannot speak properly. It has been decided that a medical test will be conducted on him to determine his physical and mental condition.” Police also said that the ARY reporter who handed over the suspect has not provided any evidence of spying, however, the police is investigating the matter.

During the past weeks, Khan’s party members have also expressed concerns over “assassination attempts” on Imran Khan and claimed that the ruling government is not providing security to the former prime minister and chairman of the largest political party of Pakistan.