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Amidst the coronavirus restrictions, at almost midnight, a Karachi resident asked on a Facebook community group about which petrol stations were open due to a “medical emergency” on June 4. He was not expecting the overwhelming response he got, as his post was flooded with people ready to drive him and some even offering their cars.

Abdullah Sajid Sheikh took to his Facebook profile to post on ‘Halaat updates’ a community page on the social networking website.

“Guys any idea which petrol pump is open right now? It’s a medical emergency,” he wrote.

Soon after, responses poured in from Facebook users from across Karachi, a city that has ranked as one of the world's most dangerous cities multiple times.

“Take my car if you’re in Jauhar,” read one reply one Sheikh’s post.

While, another Facebook user wrote: “No pumps are open now but if it’s a bad situation, I will pick you up and take you to a hospital.”

Since it is a private group, screen shots of the replies were shared on Twitter as people appreciated those who tried to extend help.

Tweep @rameezcfa posted the screen grabs and wrote: “Great. Humanity wins.”

Twitter user @ZainabKDurrani wrote: “This is so wholesome to read! I hope whoever was facing the emergency is okay now. Also, you guys!”

However, there were also those who took the opportunity to criticise the city authorities for their handling of the lockdown and the recent petrol shortage the country is facing.

Tweep @ALAM_ABDULA wrote: “Can we stop romanticising mismanagement for one second? [...]”