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Dubai: While on her way to campaign in the Indian city of Indore, Congress General Secretary Priyanka Gandhi came across a group shouting pro-Modi chants while her convoy drove past.

In a video, which appeared to be made by the group, they could be heard seeing Gandhi stopping at a distance to meet a group of supporters. One of them could be heard saying, “We should have also stopped Modi ji’s car”.

Then as a her car approached the group, they began shouting Modi’s name enthusiastically. To their surprise, the car stopped and Gandhi came over to the group, with her hand sticking out. Shaking hands with people in the group, Gandhi smiled and said, “You are where you are and I am where I am.” To which one of the women in the group responded, “Very good.”

She then told them, “All the best”, and the group wished her the same.

The video soon went viral, with social media users commending the politician for displaying a Gandhian approach in a bitterly fought election.

Tweep @Zebaism shared the video and wrote: “Now this is something you don’t get to see every day. Some people were chanting ‘Modi, Modi’ as Priyanka Gandhi Vadra was passing by. She stopped and greeted them! So good to watch! #BattleOf2019”


Twitter user @Tufail9Tufail added: “This is how things should happen in a healthy democracy.”

Another tweep @DattaNilanjan wrote: “Kudos. This General Election has been one of hatred. Political ideologies may vary. But let it be explained in the right spirit, in a healthy environment.”

@TheNazimAli commented: “This is so good @priyankagandhi. Why can’t politicians have same respect for their opposition or people with different ideologies?”

Later, Congress President Rahul Gandhi, tweeted about how he wished to push “for a new language in politics”, where opponents fight on issues, without the use of hatred and violence.