Viral video: Indian woman suffers 52 stitches to her head after a 'flying' auto driver lands on her.
Image Credit: Twitter screenshot

Dubai: A woman, in the Indian city of Bengaluru, ended up with 52 stitches to her head after a 'flying' auto driver crash landed on her. A CCTV footage that showed the man being catapulted on a loose cable, by a speeding vehicle that passed by, went viral, and left social media users in splits and concerned at the same time.

A twitter user @tweet2kamran posted: "After Superman, a 'Wireman' comes to land on Earth..."

The woman was identified as Sunita, a hotelier in Bengaluru. According to a local news website, she was walking to her hotel when the accident happened.

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Soon after, she was taken to a nearby hospital and suffered 52 stitches to her head due to the incident. Reportedly, her condition is now stable.

Tweep @ms_wakky tweeted: " You are concerned about the woman, what happened to the flying auto-driver?"

According to a news report, a cable was hanging loose on the ground, and had gotten stuck in the wheel of the man’s auto-rickshaw. The driver was trying to free his auto when a speeding vehicle passed by and pulled the wire with such a great force that it led to the auto driver getting caught in the cable, and being thrown off into the air.

Talking to a news channel, Sunita said: "It all happened in a fraction of a second. Someone called my name, and I turned around to see why. The next thing I see is an auto driver flying towards me. Then he crashed into me, and I collapsed."

As she couldn't move on her own and waited for help, Sunita's husband Krishnamurthy, a health inspector who was working nearby, rushed to the spot, and took her to the hospital.

A twitter user @@kaulprashantt posted: "What else in store for us in 2020."

Sunita said the auto driver was not injured, and recovered from the shock after few minutes.

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In India, overhead cables, dangling from treetops and lamp posts, pose a severe threat to the commuters in the commercial and residential areas. Under pressure, after this incident, authorities in the city have kick-started a drive against illegal optical fibre cables of telecom and internet service providers, say reports.